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One Book One Trenton: Take Home Art Project – Visionboards

Trenton Free Public Library now has take home crafts available related to our One Book, One Trenton pick, Kindred! This month's craft is vision board making. Use the poster board and magazines we provide to make a collage vision board connecting to the themes of Kindred! Craft kits can be collected at the circulation desk, and copies of the Kindred novel and graphic novel can be borrowed from the library.

Grow with Google: Work Smarter This Year With Google’s Productivity Tools

You already use Google Workspace, Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, and more. Now what? This workshop, hosted by Laura Mae Martin, Google’s Executive Productivity Advisor, will share productivity tips to help you work faster and smarter. You’ll learn how to organize emails into tasks in one step, use voice-to-text typing in Docs, create Calendar work blocks to manage your time, and more. We will cover both free and paid features. Products: Google Workspace, Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs Difficulty Level: Introductory